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Sporting Clays Speed Wrench

Our fastest choke wrench allows you to remove and insert chokes in just seconds. They are easy to operate using only your index finger and thumb. Simply tighten the black thumb knob on end of wrench and the choke can be easily removed or inserted. Works great in the field, on your bench, or in any situation when you need to get your choke tubes out quickly. Lifetime Warranty.

SC Wrench
Item # Description Price  
06601 12ga. Sporting Clays Speed Wrench 19.95 ADD
06602 20ga. Sporting Clays Speed Wrench 19.95 ADD

T-Handle Speed Wrench

Our best wrench to give you more leverage to remove those "hard to get out choke tubes". These wrenches will remove most all choke tubes with slotted ends. They will remove any choke down to .690 constriction or extra full.

T-Handle Wrench
Item # Description Price  
06608 12ga. T-Handle Choke Tube Speed Wrench 17.50 OUT
06609 20ga. T-Handle Choke Tube Speed Wrench 17.50 ADD

Universal Choke Wrench

By far our best selling choke wrench. this very simple, yet "tough" wrench will remove any choke with a slotted end. A key chain has been added to allow you to keep this wrench with you at all times. Made of heat treated stainless steel this wrench will not bend. Will fit 12 ga., 20 ga., 16 ga., 10 ga., and 28 ga. choke systems. (bulk quantities are also available.)

Universal Wrench
Item # Description Price  
06605 Universal Choke Wrench 3.95 ADD
06606 Universal Choke Wrench 2-Pack 6.95 ADD

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