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Champion EasyHit Sights

EasyHit Shotgun Sight is the only fiber optic sight used by Mr. Tom Knapp to complete a new world record of shooting individually 10 simultaneously hand thrown clay targets in the air! 
Witnessed and certified October 2004 in Nashville TN

No damage to your shotgun
Easy Mounting - no tools required
Strong aerospace aluminum housing
Built of the best fiber material available
No adjustment necessary
Comes in two sizes-fits most ribbed shotguns

Choose from 2 Lengths:

5 ¼” and 2 3/4”

Choose from 2 Bead Sizes:

3.0 mm - tends to be brighter and easier to acquire

2.5 mm – tends to be more accurate and force more correction of eye dominance issues.

Choose from 2 Colors:

Fluorescent Red/Orange

Fluorescent Green

Champion EasyHit Sights
Item # Description Price  
00180 Hunting Sight - Green - 2.5mm - Length: 2.75" 21.49 ADD
00181 Hunting Sight - Red - 2.5mm - Length: 2.75" 21.49 ADD
00182 Hunting Sight - Green - 3mm - Length: 2.75" 21.49 ADD
00183 Hunting Sight - Red - 3mm - Length: 2.75" 21.49 ADD
00190 Competition Sight- Green- 2.5mm- Length 5" 21.49 ADD
00191 Competition Sight - Red - 2.5mm - Length: 5" 21.49 ADD
00192 Competition Sight - Green - 3mm - Length: 5" 21.49 ADD
00193 Competition Sight - Red - 3mm - Length: 5" 21.49 ADD

Hi-Visibility Front Sights

These replacement front sight beads allow quick eye to target alignment. Very easy to see, even in low light conditions. Each sight is manufactured from a solid piece of steel and a fiber optic insert is installed for optimum sighting. Sights are available in 6 x 48 and
3 x 56 thread sizes. They are easy to install on any shotgun. (bulk quantities are also available.)

#6-48 Fits: Ithaca / Remington / SKB
#3-56 Fits: Benelli / Beretta / Browning Target Citori / H&R / Kreigoff / Marlin / Ruger / Stevens 311 / Weatherby / Winchester

Hi-Vis Front Sights
Item # Description Price  
00080 Orange (red) Front Sight 6x48 Thread 7.95 ADD
00081 White Front Sight 6x48 Thread 7.95 ADD
00082 Orange Front with #31 Drill Bit and 6x48 Plug Tap 17.95 ADD
00083 White Front Sight with #31 Drill Bit and 6x48 Plug Tap 17.95 ADD
00084 Orange (red) Front Sight 3x56 Thread 7.95 ADD
00085 White Front Sight 3x56 Thread 7.95 ADD
00086 Orange Front with #45 Drill Bit and 3x56 Plug Tap 17.95 ADD
00087 White Front with #45 Drill Bit and 3x56 Plug Tap 17.95 ADD
00088 Green Fluorescent Front Sight with 3x56 Thread 7.95 ADD
00089 Green Front with #45 Drill Bit and 3x56 Plug Tap 17.95 ADD

Hi-Viz Turkey/Deer Sight Set

Fully adjustable shotgunsight set. The triangular sight picture has a natural sight alignment and allows a full view of the target. Fits most shotguns with ventilated ribs from 1/4” to 3/8” wide with removable front beads.

Fit Details: Fits vent-ribbed shotguns from 1/4″ to 3/8″ (6.3mm to 9.7mm) with removeable front bead.

LitePipe Colors: Front – Green, Rear – Green
LitePipe Shape: Triangular (3 in different heights) & Round

Save $10 when purchasing with one of our Turkey, Deer (Buckshot/rifled), or Coyote Choke Tubes!

Use discount code: TKYsight at checkout!


Hi-Viz Turkey/Deer Sight Set
Item # Description Price  
00090 Hi-Viz Turkey/Deer Sight Set 29.95 ADD

Hi-Viz Compsight Shotgun Sight Kit

Light gathering, polymer rod provides an easy-to-see dot in low or bright light.  Steel base replaces front bead, screws on for a secure mount.  Includes eight interchangeable light pipes, three orange, three green and two white in three diameters: .105”, .115” and .130”.  Four sight mounting screws are supplied to fit nearly all shotgun ribs, plus a rotary carrying case for the light pipes and quick change release key. 

NOTE: We can install your Hi Viz Compsight on any barrel for $40.00. Please allow an additional $16.50 for shipping and handling. Please call 785-626-3700 for details.

HiViz CompSight Shotgun Sight Kit
Item # Description Price  
00075 Hi Viz Compsight Kit 36.95 ADD

White Mid-Rib Sights

These high visibility sights are very easy to install and will offer you a lifetime of flawless use since they don’t break off or pop out. Simply drill a hole, size, and tap Mid Rib Sight into place. That’s it!  A 43 drill bit is used to locate hole. Instructions included.

White Mid-Rib Sights
Item # Description Price  
00076 Mid-Rib Sights 3-Pack with Installation Drill Bit 9.95 ADD
00077 Mid-Rib Sights 12-Pack with Installation Drill Bit 27.95 ADD
00078 Mid Rib Sights 3-Pack 7.95 ADD
00079 Mid Rib Sights 12-Pack 25.95 ADD

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