What Does "OUT" Mean for a Product On the Site?

On our web site, you'll see "ADD" or "OUT" for each product. Here's what "OUT" really means...

If you've visited the ChokeTube.com web site, you may have noticed that you could see "OUT" as a product option.

What does this actually mean?  It means that at the present time, we are out of that particular item.  BUT, you have a few options.

We keep a backorder list for those wanting those items.  Usually the backorder is only a few days away.  If you want to have that item shipped to you when it comes back into stock, we can can definitely do that for you.  You simply just need to give us a call at 785-626-3700 and let us know.  It's really that easy.

At peak times of the year, like Turkey season and Waterfowl openers, we can run low on popular constrictions and applications, but we are machining more every day, and those "Out of Stock" issues are usually remedied within a few days as more get machined, blued, and put into stock.

If you happen to see your top pick for a tube go to "OUT" status, you can either way a few days to see it come back in stock, or give us a call and we'll automatically ship you one as soon as it becomes available.  

Thanks for choosing Carlson's Choke Tubes!  We certainly appreciate your business!

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