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Best New Turkey Hunting Gear: 20 Hot New Products for this Spring
From turkey guns and chokes, to calls and vests, this round up has a little something for everyone
Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

There’s always a lot of great, new turkey hunting gear each spring, but this year manufacturers went all out. Tungsten turkey loads, and specifically Tungsten Super Shot.

Carlson’s newest choke is designed specifically for shooting Heavyweight TSS turkey loads. What differentiates this TSS choke from Carlson’s many other turkey chokes is that it has much tighter constrictions to squeeze optimum patterns from those smaller No. 7 and 9 TSS pellets. For example, a typical 12-gauge Remington turkey choke internally measures .665” or .660”, but Carlson’s TSS Rem-choke measures an ultra-tight .640”.Although designed for TSS, patterning may reveal these chokes also work well with other turkey ammo. TSS chokes are available for most popular 12- and 20-gauge shotguns. MSRP $45

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