Cremator Snow Goose Series Choke Tubes from Carlson's Choke Tubes

Snow Goose Cremator Choke Tubes offer a white Cerakote® finish that's low-glare and provides industry-leading corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance resulting in a longer product lifespan with a great custom look.
Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Couple these with our new shotgun magazine extensions on snow geese, and you have a deadly combo of extra shot capacity and terrific patterns over a variety of ranges.

The Carlson's new Cremator Snow Goose series features our brand new Triple Shot Technology, and is offered in close, mid, and long range constrictions. TST is a series of three graduated rings in the taper section of the choke (two rings in the Pro Bore system), that allow a more gradual transition to the final constriction. The Cremator series conveys a host of benefits to the shooter, like reduced pellet deformation, less flyers, and denser patterns. You also get all the benefits of an extended choke tube, including a 25% longer parallel section for tighter and denser patterns, wrench-less installation, and muzzle protection. They are offered in ported or non-ported configurations, with a matte black finish. The Cremator series has no size or speed restrictions, with steel shot, (Except Rem Pro Bore Long Range no steel shot larger than #2) in any of the three constrictions. Whether your favorite load is steel, lead, hevi-shot, or your personal favorite reload, Carlson's Cremator will help produce denser and more uniform patterns.  Like all of our choke tubes, the Cremator series is backed by a lifetime warranty, and  constructed from premium 17-4 stainless steel.

Cremator series is offered in Close, Mid, and Long Range Constrictions. Also now available in 2 pack which includes Mid and Long Range.

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